Rates & Stuff


60 minutes: $65.00
90 minutes: $90.00

If you've never had massage therapy, please give me a call.  I love giving people their very first massage therapy session. 

Cash or personal check are accepted. The returned check fee is $35.00.

New Client:  $15.00 off first session.  

Lomi Lomi Massage is $125.00, expect to be here two hours. 

Oncology Massage, first session is $90.00, expect to be here 90 minutes. 

An Integrative Approach


At every session, you and I would create a unique and holistic healing experience together.

Each session is composed of various modalities.  Typically, when I start an area of the body, it begins with flowing Swedish to warm up muscles, then slows down with connective tissue work to gently hydrate the fascia, then I'll pause with myofascial to "melt" trigger points.  I'll incorporate Swedish here and there and finally the sequence ends with the stillness of polarity to allow you to catch your breath and most importantly, it gives the brain the chance to rest and integrate all the messages it's received. 

A full body massage is a wonderfully soothing and restorative experience.  It is a relaxing and quiet session.  You just may fall asleep, which would be a great thing, for deep relaxation helps heal the body, mind and spirit.

Another approach is addressing a specific complaint of an area or two in the body for pain relief.  A focused session is deep tissue work and is just as healing and relaxing as a full body massage.  However, you and I would be communicating with each other and your feedback would be invaluable. 

Each session is customized from one session to the next, for each new day presents a change from the past, be it an hour ago or much longer, to how you are feeling in the now.

A special note:  Your comfort is of utmost importance to me.  I will ask you to undress to your comfort level.  Undergarments will not interrupt the flow of the massage session.  I will always have your modesty in mind.  You will be covered with a sheet and a blanket.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available.  Please call or text me to make arrangements.

Gift certificates are: transferable, available in any denomination, non-refundable and not redeemable for cash.

Gift certificates will be authenticated at point of purchase. 

Give Your Loved Ones Something They'll Really Enjoy

Massage Etiquette

We, licensed massage therapists, reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone requesting treatment or services outside of our scope of practice.

We will exercise this right if anyone arrives for their appointment under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, exhibits inappropriate behavior, makes suggestive statements or innuendo or does not meet the means of standard cleanliness.

We reserve the right to charge for the full session, whether or not the services was rendered.

Florida is a magnet and 3rd in the nation for human trafficking across the U.S.  "Sex trafficking has been found in a wide variety of venues within the sex industry, including residential brothels, escort services, fake massage businesses, strip clubs, and street prostitution." 

Therefore, any inappropriate requests, behavior, comments and refusal to respect the stated boundaries in the session shall be viewed as a red flag and that information along with the phone number will be documented and reported to the police and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline. 


Find me on Facebook!  My Facebook name is Lyn Lyn.  I often post links on stress relief, health & wellness, massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, aromatherapy, dogs, cats, comedy, dancing -- fun stuff.  

Once we meet, please feel free to friend request me and once I accept it, just know I will unfollow you as a way of respecting your privacy.  Or, if you prefer, we can communicate solely via private messages without friending each other.